Thursday, November 1, 2007

Logic Pro 8 installation

Yesterday my upgrade to Logic Studio arrived in the mail but I did not install it til today because I had to find 50 gb's of stuff to delete off my internal and external drives to make room for it. I'm still a bit confused why apple tripled the content and halfed the price. It makes the app seem less pro, but seeming less pro doesn't mean anything i guess... its a strange emotion i'm feeling here. To all Logic users that haven't upgraded from 7 to 8 yet.. I would suggest backing up the Logic Folder in Library/application support. I have read of many a user who lost their channel strip and instument/effect presets, which would suck to say the least. The features I'm most excited about are the new expanded Ultrabeat sequencer, the delay designer, and MainStage... which I will blog about soon. The installation did not affect my Logic 7 app, which is quite relieving, because I'm sure i will need it for awhile for clients projects... until I'm familiar enough with 8 to make a full transition. Here are a few links to bands whose records I am currently producing.
Dubskin ( roots reggae, dub, and dub-hop)
Champagne Breakfast (rock, pop, alternative)
Wooleye (funk, rock, jam)
I urged the bands not to put the new material up on their myspace profiles yet, so the music on all three pages is far from up to par with my standards. I will however post mp3's of some of the new working mixes asap.

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