Wednesday, October 31, 2007

so you know

This is Michal Menert & Derek Smith of Pretty Lights wearing producer suits and solar shield sunglasses posing for the Rocky Mountain Chronicle. The article that was written to go along with this photo shoot can be read here.

This is the album cover for Pretty Lights most recent release "Taking Up Your Precious Time" which can be downloaded for free at
Which Rocky Mountain Chronicle named one of the best local albums of 2006. read article

my conceptual justification for creating this blog

check one two. this blog has officially been started. for anyone who doesn't know: Pretty Lights is a small group of people who have all thought of themselves and eachother at one point or another as musicians, producers, performers, and or artists. Up to this point we have all been much more focused on creating as opposed to networking and sharing our music with the world. this blog will be an attempt to step up that which is currently quite lacking. my aim in this endeavor is to create a place where people who enjoy pretty lights music can keep up to date with what we're working on; and check back often for new songs & remixes to download. Something that I am also interested in doing with this blog is posting patches for software instuments and effects that other people can use and deconstruct..particularly for Ableton Live but also Logic 8 and Reason 4. I have also downloaded a screencasting program and plan to create short tutorials and/or tips&tricks for the above software. Who's knows what will happen with this blog... i don't. i have often been very inconsistent with previous similar endeavors, but i AM going to make this blog FRESH.,.,whether or not i am able to live up to the "keepin it" part of the title is yet to be seen. i'm out