Wednesday, November 21, 2007

AES & Notthesame are The Years

Michal Menert aka AES & Benjamin O'neil aka Notthesame of the Pretty Lights are currently working on a project called The Years. I had the chance to listen some of their new cuts and they're ridiculous, the world might not be ready. AES is producing the music on whats sounds like primarily the MPC, using his wide array of synthesizers for the sound design; and Notthesame is singing and writing the lyrics, I do believe. I am going to post one of their tracks as soon as I can get a copy... don't you worry

Hearts Revolution remix

sunzino>>> i don't make house music. i've always been a hater. but this whole electro/punk stylee has me interested. now i wanna buy serato and start spinning bottle service clubs in LA. lol. not really. i did this track in 8 hours for the Hearts Revolution remix contest posted on the iheartcomix blog. no additional samples.
listen to the original on their myspace page. It's called C.Y.O.A.
I submitted the track to them for the remix contest and it was quite pleasing when Lo (the singer) messaged me back and said that my submission was one of her faves and that its being considered for the contest. we'll see.

Hearts Revolution - electro punk group from LA

Concepts in tha house

In mid august of 07 the DJ/producer resposible for the hotass turntablism on Taking Up Your Precious Time,(Ken Daley aka Concepts) moved to Dallas to teach philosophy at SMU. He came back to visit this week and brought a hot new cut that he produced since he moved down there. We've done a little more work on it since he's been here, but at this point i'm gonna post what he had done when he arrived in FC. peep his steez hizzere.
and the track live and direct>>>>What's Up Manhattan

PL shows in Boulder

"a manifestation of the Pretty Lights collective" is how it was described when derek from PL played live sets with Cory on the kit(from Dubskin&Listen) in NoCO on the 7th and 15th of November. The 7th was a raging house party in 4 mile canyon and the 15th was at Trilogy in Boulder with GSP and Vibesquad. I took a few pics on my phone which didn't turn out so great, so i'm promise to have good pics to post from the next show. The shows were super fun and the new sound system at Trilogy is unbelievable!
Thanks to everyone who repped with PL in B-town last week.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

my ears hurt

Its been several days now... and there are a number of notable events i'd like to share. First, last week, I participated in whats known as a QuixIt on Its where producers log into a secret chatroom in order to get directed to the server with the 9 files that we're all gonna use to produce a track within 60 minutes. it was dope and it actually was the cause of some insight and inspiration that day. download my QuixIt track made in 60 minutes>>>

Saturday night was fucking crazy. I wish more of the pretty Lights could have made it, but instead we had to work with who was available and it turned out being sick anyway,,, or as valley girl boulder light guys say> sock bro! I'm continually amazed how hype the crowd gets at Robby's house in 4 mile canyon. damn, i gotta split and can't finish, but i will post my new hotass remixes asap. and i'm playin in Boulder tomorrow at Trilogy Wine Bar, so come peep!