Friday, January 11, 2008

i'll stop for awhile after this one

live looping in mlr from derekvincentsmith on Vimeo.


Jason said...

hey man.
that's really sick. I have a novation x-station also and i'm planning on buying the 64 when it comes out in late January.
I was wondering if that was all synth mode or through a computer DAW? Also, do you have both the x-station and monome hooked up through usb to your computer?

Keep doing what you're doing. Mad daps.

prettylights said...

yes.. thats all synth mode on the xstation end, however not factory presets. there are 200 more patches you can dwnld on the novation site for the xstation that a couple of those sounds were from. both are hooked up thru usb to the comp, but it was only for bus power for the xstation. the 128 is powered from an external power supply. i had the synth going straight into the 1/8 inch input on my g4 into mlr 2.27